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Galentine's Rosé Tasting

I absolutely love celebrating Valentine's Day with Jackson, but I also love celebrating my sweet friendships with my gals for Galentine's Day. I wanted to do something interactive this year, and I thought it'd be fun to host a Rosé tasting. Here's how I did it:

First, I asked everyone to bring a bottle of rosé, and I supplied one as well. Then, I cut apart a Trader Joe's bag to make labels that would cover up the Rosé bottle labels. I numbered them using a silver sharpie and set up a station in my kitchen where the girls would walk in, tape on a label, and then grab a rosé tasting guide.

You can download the rosé tasting guide I made here:

Galentine's Rose Tasting
Download PDF • 69KB

My friends and I love wine, but since not everyone (including myself..) can tell what "notes" make up what rosé, I thought it'd be best to rank on simpler things such as:

  1. Taste

  2. Smell

  3. Aftertaste

  4. Drinkability

For the tasting, we sampled each bottle together and individually ranked the above criteria on a scale of 1-5. After trying each bottle, we added up our score for each bottle and ranked which bottle came in first, second, and so on. We then tallied up the scores for each bottle to see which was the collective group favorite.

To unveil the rosés, we started with the bottle that scored the least amount of points and ended with the bottle that came in first place -- kind of like an award ceremony. Our top pick was La Vielle Ferme Rosé (aka the chicken wine) and our 2nd pick was a 2019 sparkling rosé from Pippin Hill.

You can see TikTok recap of our Galentine's Rosé Tasting here.

Happy galentines and happy rosé tasting!



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