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Our Greece Itinerary

My husband, Jackson, planned out our honeymoon to Greece, and he did an amazing job! I've included the itinerary below for anyone else wanting to travel there for their honeymoon:


  • 4:30 pm flight out of Atlanta


  • Landed in Athens at around 10 am

  • Booked a car through Welcome Pickups to take us to the COCO-MAT Hotel in Athens

  • Grabbed lunch from the rooftop of the COCO-MAT hotel and they had the yummiest Greek salad & Aperol spritz

  • Walked from our hotel to the Acropolis. We bought tickets ahead of time here.

  • Explored around the Plaka area and got gelato at Kayak

  • Grabbed dinner at a local restaurant close to our hotel


  • Booked a car through Welcome Pickups to take us to the Athens Airport

  • Flew to Santorini via Sky Express

  • Checked into Modernity Suites for 1 night in Fira, Santorini

  • Ate Lunch at Argo, and their food was amazing!

  • Walked around Fira and ended up at Volkan on the Rocks for happy hour (the views here were beautiful)

  • Dinner at Cacio e Pepe (no view but really yummy)

  • Watched the sunset from the hot tub on our suite's porch


  • Modernity Suites caters breakfast to your room every morning so we had breakfast on the outside porch of our suite

  • Took a car (booked through Welcome Pickups) to our hotel in Oia, Santorini

  • Checked into La Perla Suites in Oia. This was truly the dreamiest place ever, and the views were amazing. Each room has a private hot tub with a view of the Aegean Sea, and they bring breakfast to your room every morning.

  • Explored Oia for the afternoon

  • Dinner at Ambrosia


  • Hiked from Oia to Fira and back. It's a 6 mile hike from Oia to Fira, and 12 miles total if you hike both ways. We grabbed lunch in Fira before hiking back, but you can also book a car to drive you if you'd prefer to only hike one way. This was a fun way to get to walk through all of the different villages on the coast. Definitely recommend!

  • Dinner at NOAs, and this was one of the best places we ate. SO delicious and they had a great rooftop garden where you can watch the sunset as you eat.


  • Walked to Ammoudi Bay and took a dip in the Aegean Sea!

  • Had lunch at Sunset Taverna in Ammoudi Bay

  • Spent the afternoon at La Perla's Pool

  • Dinner and wine tasting at Santo Winery. We got to watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea while we ate, and it was dreamy.


  • Relaxed and spent the day at the La Perla Pool

  • Ordered dinner and drinks at the pool


  • Relaxed in the hot tub of our suite

  • Sunset boat ride in the Aegean Sea that we booked through Barca Sailing. This was one of my favorite things we did, and the captain cooked dinner on the boat for us to eat. They had wine, and the views were amazing! We loved doing this after the hike because we were able to recognize where all of the villages were along the coast.


  • The United States requires a negative COVID-19 rapid test taken within 48 hours to be able to enter back into the States, and we booked them through here. We booked a car through Welcome Pickups to drive us to the test, wait, and then drive us to the Santorini Airport.

  • Flew back to Athens via Sky Express

  • Checked in The Zillers Boutique Hotel in Athens.

  • Happy hour and dinner at The Zillers Rooftop Garden. They have incredible food and a lovely view of Athens. This was the perfect way to end our time in Greece.


  • Booked a car through Welcome Pickups to drive us to the Athens airport where we flew back to Atlanta!

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